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Domestic anesthesia and imported anesthesia

  With the improvement of the surgical level of each hospital year by year, more professional medical instruments should be added. But there are many products to choose from, both imported and domestic. Is the import good, the domestic bad? What is the difference between domestic anesthesia machine and imported anesthesia machine?

In recent years, there are numerous domestic anesthesia machines listed on the market. On the whole, they have made great progress in appearance, configuration, material, workmanship and after-sales service, and it is very convenient to use them in practice. The appearance is not much different from that of the imported anesthesia machine, which also takes into account the body shape and usage habits of domestic anesthesiologists. The design of the control table is relatively low, and some of them are also equipped with desk lamps to facilitate doctors' writing records. Besides, there is also a power jack beside the middle column. Configuration is also very similar to the appearance of the imported anesthesia machine, the material used, the production process and the imported anesthesia machine gap in recent years. For example, Beijing redger anesthesia machine, a number of core accessories have been approved by the national patent. Compared with the imported anesthesia machine, the price is cheaper, the disposable supplies are sufficient, and the after-sales service can be fast and convenient, which is very popular in basic hospitals and private hospitals. Nowadays there are also manufacturers or companies committed to the development, production, sales of domestic high-end anesthesia machine, and there are no lack of success in this respect.

Imported anaesthesia machines have long been labeled as high in price and quality, or as high in sophistication. Its manufacturing process and material selection are of high quality, wearing parts are durable, low noise in operation, but the cost of replacement accessories is high, especially in high-level hospitals with higher requirements for anesthesia, imported anesthesia machine has an absolute advantage, very easy to use, but also more humane.

By the above domestic anesthesia machine and imported drunk machine comparison, foreign and domestic products are not essential differences, domestic anesthesia machine technical performance has been very mature, different models of the configuration can be completely

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