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What is the principle of anesthesia?


       Anesthesia ventilator in the work of the first high pressure gas (air, oxygen, laughing gas, etc.) through the pressure reducing valve to reduce the mortgage and stable gas, through the flow meter to generate the required gas for anesthesia machine use; After the anesthetic drugs are converted into anesthetic vapor by the volatilization tank, the required amount of anesthetic vapor can be adjusted for use by the surgeon. The proportion of oxygen or air full of anesthetic vapor, using the inspiratory negative pressure generated when the human body breathes, the gas is inhaled into the lungs to exchange into the human body, through the blood circulation to each organ of the human body, so that the organ temporarily loses consciousness and various reflexes within a certain period of time, so as to achieve the purpose of anesthesia.



      Traditionally, anesthesia machines are divided into three parts:

1. It is the anesthesia machine itself (including the gas supply and delivery system, the anesthesia evaporator, the anesthesia ventilation system, the safety detection system and the residual gas removal system), that is, the so-called fresh gas that provides the anesthetic gas and oxygen. This is a very traditional part, which is similar to most anesthesia machines on the market.

2. Is the gas monitoring (breathing gas monitoring, anesthetic gas analysis) and monitoring part of the patient monitor, ecg, eeg monitoring, blood oxygen concentration, blood dynamics, muscle relaxant monitoring), at least for now this part is completely is an independent part, together with anesthesia machine can form also can be completely independent.

3. Has important implications for anesthesia machine performance is its breathing machine and circuit part (most commonly used the breathing machine is made up of airbags (folding bellows) inside and outside double loop gas path, the inner ring of qilu airflow and patients with airway are interlinked, outer ring qilu mainly to squeeze the breath of air sac or bellows, the fresh gas pressure within the air bags or bellows alveolus to patients, in order to wake the gas exchange, also known as steam drive. Since it is not connected with the patient's airway, either compressed oxygen or compressed air may be used.

With anesthesia machine is becoming more and more fierce market competition, the anaesthesia breathing machine as an important component part of the anesthesia machine, its performance fit and unfit quality directly related to the cost of the anesthesia machine, understanding of classification and advantages and disadvantages of anesthesia ventilator is very helpful for correct evaluation of anesthesia machine especially helps in the tender in some misleading claims have the right response.

     3.1 we classify anesthesia ventilator is often confused with treatment of breathing machine, the two different kinds of machines using purpose, such as pneumatic pneumatic, pneumatic control and electric control breathing machine, although the division of this principle is correct, but slightly rough, it confuses the aerodynamic control high-grade treatment in general anesthesia machine breathing machine pneumatic control of the breathing machine exist significant differences.

3.2 now classified anaesthesia breathing machine, not only to distinguish the type of power source (pneumatic or electric), more to distinguish the type of separation device, which is folded skins or cylinder, this classification allows us to easily distinguish their respective advantages and disadvantages in practical application, more can make us understand the technical content of the anaesthesia breathing machine itself.

3.3 there are both pneumatic and electric anesthesia ventilator with folding skin bag as the separation device. The compliance of this kind of anesthesia ventilator is its insurmountable barrier, which can only be compensated by software. If the ascending skin bag is usually pneumatic, it cannot achieve low flow anesthesia through mechanical devices. The descending capsule, both pneumatic and electric, can be mechanically operated to achieve low flow anesthesia. Pneumatic power consumption is about 10 times electric, but the structure can be simplified to the extreme. Pneumatic electronic anesthesia ventilator technology content span, electric mechanical structure is relatively complex.

3.4 another type of anesthesia ventilator USES a film roller as a separation device. It has the unique advantage of low system compliance. It can be placed and absorbed in the exhalation circuit, and its system compliance is about 1/10 of the folded leather bag due to the hard characteristics of the cylinder itself. In addition, it is easy to achieve low-flow anesthesia through mechanical devices, but its structure is the most complex and the cost is relatively high.

So that's the basic structure of anesthetized breathing. Do you understand that?

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