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                          Industry prospect analysis

According to China's national statistics, there are nearly 1 million medical institutions need to be multi-functional anesthesia machine and breathing machine, with the rapid growth of the national economy and the improvement of people's demand for health and medical institutions are also update and expand at a high speed, the dosage of the anesthesia machine, breathing machine is increased year by year, domestic manufacturer also anesthesia machine manufacturing in 2003 from nine to 23. With the introduction of international technology and the dedicated r&d and innovation of professionals, the domestic anesthesia machine now enjoys a better reputation in the clinical application of hospitals, and the sales volume of domestic anesthesia machine is also increasing year by year. So domestic anesthesia machine products in the market value is also growing.

Company profile

Beijing redger technology co., ltd. is a high-tech enterprise registered in Beijing in 2003. Its r&d and production base is located in shilong development zone in the western suburbs of Beijing, covering an area of 5,000 square meters. The main products are anesthesia machine, ventilator, anesthetic evaporator and other related products.

Beijing ryder igel technology co., LTD., with persistent spirit of enterprising employees, based on innovative technology, strict organizational structure, standardized management and perfect quality assurance system, completed with the international quality system standards, have passed the ISO9001, hl-tech corporation international quality system certification, CMD certification and CE certification, with the international market platform.

There are 124 employees in the headquarter of Beijing redger technology co., LTD., among which, the r&d department is staffed by experts who have been engaged in the field of anesthesiology for many years. According to the clinical needs, they have absorbed the leading technologies in the international industry, been active in the pursuit of excellence, and have gained considerable achievements



 RE902-c专家证书   WDH-1、Th-1专家证书

2009年度海淀文明单位证书    2009年度先进企业证书  

实用专利证书    高新技术企业证书


    Among them, "children's bellows" of anesthesia machine has obtained the national practical novelty patent certificate, and many kinds of anesthesia machine and ventilator have been selected as the evaluation products of "Chinese medical equipment society". The department of international trade has exported its products to more than 60 countries and 130 regions, especially in Africa, Europe and Latin America.


                          Four big advantage

1. Enterprise advantages

Beijing ruidel technology co., LTD. Has been specialized in the production and manufacture of multi-function anesthesia machines and multi-function ventilators for 10 years, with market customers covering 34 provinces and autonomous regions in China and nearly 10,000 medical institutions and units. At the beginning of 2008, the pet medical division was established. The business division has successively been a number of pet hospitals and forest zoos in Beijing, Qingdao, dalian, zhuhai and guangzhou. Animal disease prevention centers in shandong, zhejiang, xinjiang and jiangxi provinces; Henan, hunan, zhuhai and many other schools (training institutions), to provide high quality and cheap pet (animal) breathing anesthesia machine, by the customer's praise.

Second, product advantages

Beijing redger technology co., ltd. has a professional and comprehensive product line. There are 8 models of anesthesia machines from the low end to the high end. There are also 6 types of ventilators from low-end to high-end. The key parts of our equipment are imported, so the quality and performance can stand the clinical test, and the extensive market customers have also proved this point.

Third, logistics advantages

Beijing redger technology co., ltd. has cooperated with the logistics company for 8 years to ensure the safety of the goods, timely delivery to the designated location, and home delivery. Under the condition of standard configuration, order on the same day and deliver on the same day; Non - standard configuration, delivery within 3 days. It can be delivered 3 to 7 days after delivery (except xinjiang, xizang and remote areas of Inner Mongolia).

4. Marketing advantages

Beijing redger technology co., LTD. Has two sales departments: international trade department and domestic business department. The domestic business division has 15 offices throughout the country, and each region works strictly according to its division. Our company USES the declaration form system, channel


                        introduction to products


Anesthesia machine product introduction 011


The whole machine has passed the European CE certification

10. 4 "color screen LCD ventilator, parameters of a day

Aluminum alloy metal frame, mold design, simple, generous

Double tank with interlock high precision evaporator, anflurane, isoflurane, flurane, sevoflurane can be selected arbitrarily

Cold light source energy-saving overhead lighting system, sufficient light, easy for doctors to operate the machine and record data

The classic five-tube flow meter, with the linkage design of oxygen laughter, ensures safe operation

The upgraded classical integrated circuit, double-layer CO2 absorption system with large capacity, has high absorption efficiency and longer operation time

Lattice valve module upgrade design, eliminate invalid ventilation

The pressure release system of infinitesimal spiral can be adjusted arbitrarily and precisely

The classic pneumatic manual/mechanical switch ensures the uniqueness of air ventilation, which is simple and quick to operate

Large storage space, with a fine lock, storage more secure, side by side with three drawers, more convenient classification storage

Streamlined sliding rail design, can be upgraded at any time monitoring, CO2 monitor, AMTS and other systems

main technical parameters

Display mode: 10.4 inches color LCD display

Working mode: closed, semi-closed, semi-open, fully open

Working mode: pressure control, capacitive control, manual control

Monitoring parameters: tidal volume, respiratory rate, absorption/respiration ratio, minute ventilation, oxygen concentration, airway pressure (peak pressure, platform pressure), respiratory mode, lung compliance, etc

Alarm parameters: airway pressure, city concentration, ventilation policy, power failure, low city, low battery

MODE:IPPV (vc)IPPV (pc)、SIMV, SIGH,  MAV,  DEMO,待机await the opportune moment

Monitoring waveform: pressure time waveform, flow time waveform, capacity time waveform, flow capacity waveform, capacity pressure waveform

Air source: oxygen, laughing gas, air


Ventilator product introduction 005


Microcomputer control, pneumatic electronic control, constant volume, constant pressure treatment ventilator

10. 4 "advanced color LCD display screen, parameter setting, monitoring, alarm area a day clear

It has a fast 100% oxygen operating system to ensure that pure oxygen is available at all times

Provide a variety of ventilation modes, wide range of products

LED digital display of gas temperature to ensure patient comfort

Automatic temperature control humidification system makes operation and maintenance easier

Liquid crystal display air compressor, monitor the working state of air compressor at any time

Mould air compressor appearance design, fine quality, simple, generous

Provide synchronous atomization function (optional)

Have a backup battery

Applicable scope: adults, children, children

Main technical parameters of ventilator


Monitor Waveform and Parameters:

Monitor Wave:P-t, F-t.

Tidal Volume, Breath Frequency, I:E Ratio, PEEP, Ppeak, MV,Oxygen Concentration, Pmean.

Alarm parametersMaximum ventilation per minuteMinimum minute ventilationLimit Tidal volumeLower tidal volumeLimit airway pressureLower airway pressureLimit respiratory rateLower respiratory rateLimit oxygen concentrationLower oxygen concentrationUpper end-expiratory pressureLower end-expiratory pressureThe battery is low、more . 

Applicable organization:

 ICU、The emergency department more.


                          Franchisee's preferential policies

Beijing redger technology co., LTD. Is now engaged in the nationwide investment agent.

1, the company will provide a preferential price, superior quality and performance of products to agents in various regions;

2. The company's regional offices will actively provide pre-sales and after-sales service support to the regional agents

3. The company is responsible for training the product knowledge and sales skills of anesthesia machine and ventilator to agents and dealers in various regions free of charge.

Join request

1. Be engaged in the industry for more than 1 year.

2. More than 3 full-time salesmen.

3. There must be a Ⅲ class 6854 operating room, emergency room, the doctor's office equipment and appliance business qualification.

In 2013, Beijing redger technology co., ltd. was founded for the 10th anniversary, 10 years of wind and rain course, shaping a 10 years of zhengzheng brand, our company sincerely look forward to cooperating with you, together for the cause of human health to make our contribution!

Contact us

Phone: 13651196299

Telephone: 010-60806495

Address: no. 5, mei 'an road, shilong industrial zone, mentougou district, Beijing


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