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 Beijing readeagle and readtoyoy medical (shandong read toyoy medical instrument co., LTD) is specialized in medical equipment company, among them, Beijing readeagle company has become a leading domestic counterparts in terms of comprehensive strength of anesthesia product supply and service sense medical circle is a breathing machine has more than 20 years specializing in the production of research and development, a senior medical equipment companies readeagle technology co., LTD, registered in Beijing haidian district, its research and development production base is located in the western suburbs of Beijing shilong development zone, its main products for anesthesia machine and breathing machine and related products in recent years, the company continued to strengthen with the United StatesAustralia related technical cooperation, on the key components of production technology, has reached the level of similar foreign products, OEM business have become the main business of the company's export as a China professional manufacturer of anesthesia and respiratory equipment, Beijing readeagle company focus on to the world within the scope of the partners to provide anesthesia breathing product solutions.

On September 19, 1988, the predecessor of Shandong read Toyoy Medical Instrument Co., Ltd., the second radio factory of Zibo City and the Fourth Department of the second Institute of the Ministry of aerospace industry, successfully experimented with wdh-1 microcomputer controlled multi-functional ventilator, which has been identified and finalized by the Ministry and the provincial level, filling a gap in the domestic medical equipment industry. It is the first multifunctional ventilator in China. (Issued by Zibo Local History Research Institute)
 Over the years, we have been committed to the R & D and production of respirators, striving for perfection, product stability, and comfort has been deeply trusted and praised by customers. Over the past 30 years, wdh-1 ventilator products have been sold all over the country, and government purchase orders have been obtained for many times. The maximum batch order is 919 sets. At the same time, it is also the first choice product of ventilator donated by many charity organizations. In this new outbreak, it has become one of the ventilator brands recommended by China Medical Equipment Association.

I. market-oriented research and development concept
The company's research and development center has senior industry experience of personnel leader, with more than 40 years of anesthesia breathing technology foundation. With the continuous development of medical clinical level and the emergence of various new technologies, more new equipment is needed to support clinical technologies. This is the market research and development concept of reed r&d personnel.

, the multi-channel global procurement platform
The company's procurement center actively develops global strategic partners, develops excellent domestic suppliers, and sets up a supplier database. Now, there are 256 domestic and 121 foreign suppliers providing qualified parts for the company, which can quickly solve the different needs of different customers.

. 5S production site management mode
Beijing readeagle company nearly 1000 square meters of red anesthesia respiratory product line, production site based on 5S and visual management, with kanban and planning management as auxiliary, in a clean environment to produce quality products.

Iv. Rich product lines
It relies on research and development center "biomedical engineering technology, modern computer technology and modern nc machining technology", through constant innovation and improvement, has already formed the anesthesia, respiratory, evaporator, integrated CO2 absorber and evaporator hanging fixture, alarm, multipass board and so on seven big series, 23 kinds of products, including ryder igel anesthesia machine series products, ryder circular breathing machine series products.
Quality is the life of the product, service is the continuation of life, from the first handshake, you will feel every member of red the most sincere service......
Read all the colleagues will be the most enthusiastic service in return for your trust.



· 成立时间: 2003年6月,公司性质:股份制高新技术企业,经营范围:医疗器械的生产及销售。
· 2003年6月4日北京瑞得伊格尔科技有限公司成立
· 2003年7月10日获得高新技术企业批准证书
· 2003年10月24日获得医疗器械生产企业许可证
· 2004年8月27日获得医疗器械经营企业许可证
· 2004年9月10日获得中华人民共和国医疗器械注册证。
· 2004年12月12日公司网站正式开通。
· 2005年9月16日通过13485质量体系认证及9001质量体系认证
· 2006年4月通过CMD产品认证
· 2007年6月注册资本增至1000万元
· 2007年8月公司新厂房正式投入使用
· 2008年5月20获得对外贸易经营权
· 2008年10月申请注册资本增至1700万元
· 2010年元月获得海淀区“2009年度先进企业”称号
· 2010年获得海淀区“文明单位”称号

· 2011年推出动物专用麻醉机GH-900C,GH-900D,SUNNY2100

· 2012年国内率先推出触摸屏麻醉机。

· 2013年获得CCTV推荐品牌。

· 2014年百度排名麻醉机排行第一。

· 2015年公司产品系统全面升级。

· 2016年官网访客突破2万。

· 2017年通过了CE认证。

· 2018年可拆卸加热麻醉机回路专利申请成功。

· 2019年成功与北京阜外医院达成合作。瑞得通圆成立20周年。

· 2020年众志成城,抗击疫情,公司向湖北捐赠呼吸机。


                        CMD产品认证                                       在2006年我单位麻醉机波纹管获得实用新型专利证书









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