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What are the imported and domestic anesthesia brand ?



                                  Brand LOGO of each anesthesia machine manufacturer

    Anaesthetic machine is a machine that helps anesthesiologists provide anesthesia, keep patients alive, and keep them safe. Therefore, the quality of anesthesia machine greatly affects the life and health of patients. So the choice of a suitable for their own hospital of high quality anesthesia machine is very important!

So how many brands of anesthesia machines do we have to choose from?

Domestic brands and imported brands are famous in the industry a total of more than 20, they have their own advantages, hospitals can choose according to their own conditions.

Imported brands: Drager, Ohmeda, Blease, royal, Penlon, GE, Heyer, stefan, HEINEN + LOEWENSTEIN, maddie, concord, American natural genes, etc.

Domestic brands: Beijing red eagle, shenzhen mindray, Beijing yi 'an, Shanghai likang, Shanghai medical equipment co., LTD., Beijing aerospace changfeng, Beijing dehaier, jiangsu kaitai, shenzhen chenwei, Beijing hongrunda, nanjing puao, jiangsu taixing aokai, wuxi zhongyuan (east emperor), etc.

In order of popularity:

Imported anesthesia machine: Drager of Germany, Ohmeda of America, HEINEN + LOEWENSTEIN of Germany, Blease of England, royal of England, Penlon of England, GE of America, Heyer of Germany, Steven of Germany, etc.

Drager is the oldest brand in China, and also the most recognized brand. It used to be the head of domestic imported anesthesia machine, and its performance is not that bad. In particular, its anesthesia machine named Zeus is called the supreme anesthesia machine. But it 



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